Jewelry Wardrobe

  Necklaces {Baublebar, Baublebar, LOFT, Francesca’s, Similar, Daily Look, David Yurman, Similar} Earrings {LOFT, Similar, Kate Spade, Swarovski} Bracelets {Baublebar, David Yurman} Over the years I have developed a love of accessories. Previously my jewelry approach was minimal, but now I believe that the right jewelry can take an outfit from nice to incredible. Earrings, statement necklaces,… Read more »

Enjoying Summer

               Top {LOFT} Skirt {J.crew} Shoes {Nordstrom} Clutch {Kate Spade} Bracelets {Baublebar} Necklace {Baublebar} Sunglasses {LOFT} Lipstick (Bite Beauty) It’s that time in fashion where it seems as though fall has started before summer has had the chance to end. I love fall. It is a favorite season of mine, especially… Read more »

Hair Care

          Top {Lou&Grey} Necklace {Baublebar} Watch {Michael Kors Kors} Bracelets {Baublebar, Baublebar, David Yurman} Lipstick (#7) Previously I only used styling products for my hair and nothing else. I never thought that you needed to take care of your hair (well that’s just silly- I know). I realized that it is just as… Read more »

Long Hair Please

             Top {LOFT} Shorts {Shopbop} Necklace {David Yurman} Sunglasses {Rayban} Purse {Tory Burch} Braceletes {David Yurman} Shoes {Nordstrom} Lipstick {#7} I wish I could say that my hair grew this long overnight, but that would be magic. I started talking to my hairdresser about extensions, which I have been interested in for… Read more »

Black Romper

            Romper {LOFT} Purse {Tory Burch} Sunglasses {Rayban} Earrings {Kate Spade} Bracelets {Baublebar, Baublebar, David yurman, Alex and Ani} Shoes {Nordstrom} Lipstick {Sephora} In fashion you can make and break rules to create your own style. As fashion evolves, rules change. It used to be considered a “fashion don’t” to wear black and… Read more »

Pink Gingham

               Top{J.crew} Skirt {J.crew} Sunglasses {LOFT} Necklace {similar} Bracelets {David yurman} Clutch {Louis Vuitton} Shoes {Nordstrom} Do you ever go shopping and buy a few things and they just happen to look great together? I came home and started reviewing my purchases and loved how everything worked together. Usually I try… Read more »

Blue Stripes & Blue Skies

            Top{LOFT} Shorts {J.crew} Sunglasses {Rayban} Earrings {LOFT} Watch {Michael Kors} Bracelets {Baublebar, Baublebar} Clutch {similar} Shoes {Nine West} Lipstick {Sephora} It was a picture perfect day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was the ideal temperature. I had heard from friends about a park in Cape Elizabeth that… Read more »

Mixing Old & New

             Jacket {similar} Top {similar} Skirt {LOFT} Shoes {Nordstrom} Sunglasses {LOFT} Bracelets {David Yurman} Rings {LOFT} Lipstick {Sephora} Every few years you overhear someone say, “Oh remember that style, I can’t believe it is back in fashion.” Things do come back in style and we hold onto items thinking and hoping that… Read more »

Nordstrom Sale

Top {left to right} Jacket|Top|PJ Set|Sweater Bottom {left to right} Jeans|Leggings|Tote|Lipstick set|Riding boots|Ankle boots Who doesn’t love a sale? It is difficult to think about wanting fall clothes just yet, but at these prices it’s good to stock up on versatile pieces! The items I chose are what I believe are 10 essential pieces that you… Read more »

Relaxed & Casual

          Top {Similar} Shorts {similar} Shoes {Vince Cummito} Necklace {LOFT} Sunglasses {LOFT} Purse {Bottega Veneta} Watch {Michael Kors} Lipstick {Bite} As a general rule I always think it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. However I realized the other day that I don’t show off my casual side in my posts very often…. Read more »

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