Road Trip

         First road trip with my girl friends. We are headed from New England all the way down to Kentucky for the derby! We have 15 hours to go and we can’t wait!  Over the years of long car trips I have learned a few things. First is to wear comfortable shoes that are easy… Read more »

Spring inspired

     The sun is starting to shine and that means it’s time for bright colors.  I was feeling inspired with the Lilly Pulitzer collection that came to Target. Even though it didn’t turn out the way everyone might have planned, I still was able to pair things together that still created the mood of being… Read more »

First Beach Day of the Year

   It was one of the first nice days up here in Maine and to make it feel like summer was actually coming a beach trip seemed appropriate.  I grabbed my sperrys out of the closet, threw on some comfy boyfriend jeans paired with a lace sweatshirt.  It was a little chillier than I hoped… Read more »

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