Long Hair Please

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I wish I could say that my hair grew this long overnight, but that would be magic. I started talking to my hairdresser about extensions, which I have been interested in for a long time. She was nice enough to lend them to me so I could see if they would live up to my expectations. I love them! It took some to adjust to because it’s more hair. The extensions give me extra length, but also make my hair fuller. Now that I have been wearing them I really want to grow my hair longer!

I will admit I have put my hair through the ringer these last few years. I have been highlighting and coloring my hair since I was 16 years old; I also straighten and curl it almost every day! Over the years it started to affect its health. I like changing my hair color; I went red not too long ago which is when I created most of the damage. I was putting color on top of color, and on top of color which can get to be too much if you’re not careful.

My hair is not as healthy as I would like it to be so I have been working with my hairdresser to fix the problem. Having my hair healthy will help it to grow. I have also been reading that it’s very good to go without heat on your hair for as long as you can, or that a minimum of 8 weeks makes a difference.

Because it’s already hot out and I don’t need to create more heat, summer seems like the perfect time to try out this theory. I am giving myself one cheat day every other week, but I am not using my blow dryer for the entire 8 weeks. I have been wearing my hair in a lot of braids and updos, which is giving me the chance to learn new tricks and try new ideas.

I will be sharing some of the products that I have been using to help create hairstyles as well as products to keep it healthy! 🙂

Xx Becky

xx Becky

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