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Jacket {similar} Top {similar} Skirt {LOFT} Shoes {Nordstrom} Sunglasses {LOFT} Bracelets {David Yurman} Rings {LOFT} Lipstick {Sephora}

Every few years you overhear someone say, “Oh remember that style, I can’t believe it is back in fashion.” Things do come back in style and we hold onto items thinking and hoping that they will come back into fashion. Of course there are the other times when you get rid of something and you end up regretting that you didn’t keep it. Lucky for me, this grey bomber jacket came back into style this year. It has been in my closet for a few years and I would put it on and it didn’t feel right. This year I cannot stop wearing it! It’s hard to choose what to keep and what to donate. Unfortunately we cannot keep everything, otherwise our closets starts to look like a hoarder’s situation. A good rule is to hold onto items of better quality or classic design.

My Burberry bag is the other vintage item in this post. I was incredibly lucky… my aunt owned this bag but decided she didn’t use it very often and gave it to me. I love bringing it out each spring. Most people don’t enjoy cleaning out their closets, but we need to make room for the new pieces we will undoubtedly purchase. Everyone is different; I weed out my items slowly. I took a tip from Lauren Conrad. She puts things in a bag that she is not sure if she can part with yet. Then she places them in a closet or under her bed for a month or two. After the time is up she reevaluates the clothing in the bag. I have realized that something I no longer use may be loved and appreciated by someone else.

Hope you find some hidden gems in your closet this week!

Xx Becky

xx Becky

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