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Previously I only used styling products for my hair and nothing else. I never thought that you needed to take care of your hair (well that’s just silly- I know). I realized that it is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body. I have tried a variety of products over the years and it has helped me to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes my hair is too greasy from a product or too dry. Luckily I have now found brands I really love!

Haircare routine is different than other everyday routines. Of course I don’t use all the products at once, some help to keep my hair looking fresh longer (I don’t wash it every day & it is better if you can do this!) I am lucky that because my hair is not extremely fine it doesn’t get greasy quickly, which allows me to use an oil on it at night. The Agave oil helps build strength and resiliency, while boosting vibrancy. It’s best to apply it right after washing, that way it can be absorbed into your hair.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am not using any heat on my hair for 8 weeks. Air drying does not always make my hair look its best. I use Mai Tai Spritzer which is a sea salt spray. It’s a super lightweight product and it never feels as though I have put anything in my hair. I use it to help enhance my natural curl when I let it air dry for a slightly beachy look. When I curl my hair I can use it to freshen up the curls.

When I want to stretch out a hairstyle I use Triple Sec 3 in 1 and Pret-a-powder. The Bumble and Bumble powder is a dry shampoo which helps with oil absorption. When I don’t wash my hair and want to extend the style I use this product at night. The powder helps absorb the oils during the night. The Triple Sec adds additional texture and volume. It also creates a fresh feeling when applying it.

I also use The Chaser which is a great smoothing product. It adds shine and smooths to help prevent frizz. I now use several Drybar products; I feel like they work very well without weighing down my hair. I think it is important to find products that make your hair feel and look great. What products do you love? Have you tried any of these products?

Xx Becky

xx Becky

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