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This year while I was home for the holidays, I started to really appreciate everything my mom does to make our holidays wonderful. She always has a terrific setup to make it fun and welcoming for everyone.

Hosting seems to be a trait that has been passed down in our family. My grandmother was a world class-hostess. Mom says she was Martha Stewart before there was a Martha! Hosting always requires a lot of prep, but my mom has told me stories about the things my grandmother would do before having a dinner party and I wish I had the chance to be a part of one of those evenings.

Now my mom has taken over that role. Our Christmas Eve “fiesta” is the perfect example of all the work and planning it takes to create a special evening. I think the key to a successful party is the flow- thinking about everything from the placement of the drinks to timing of the appetizers, main course, and dessert.

My mom has informed me that in the near future it will be my job to start hosting a holiday and take over our traditions. Since moving back to the seacoast and living closer to friends I am excited to start hosting small get-togethers. My hope is that by starting out small, it will prepare me for when it is my turn to host the holidays, and I will make my grandmother and mom proud!


xx Becky

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