Classically Different

     Dress {LOFT} Earrings {Swarovski} Lipstick {Bobbi Brown} Shoes {Nordstrom} Sunglasses {LOFT} This dress  was calling my name. It captures everything I love in one item of clothing: The black and white color-blocking and lace give it a classic feel. The standup collar adds a bit of preppiness. The lines are simple and clean. I do love to… Read more »

Cozy Mondays

     Sweater {Lou and Grey} Top {LOFT} Scarf {Talbots} Pants {J.crew} Shoes {LOFT} This quote says it all! I read it on Pinterest recently and thought it was perfect for how I feel most Mondays. It often takes me two coffees to get through them! This was another early Monday for me, so the most important thing was getting up and… Read more »

Family Visit

         Pants {LOFT} Scarf {Talbots} Shoes {Nine West} Watch {Michael Kors} Bracelets {Alex and Ani} {Cape Cod bracelet} {Kate Spade} Steve and I drove to visit my dad on this beautiful Sunday. It was wonderful to relax, sit in the sun, have a drink, and spend some time with family.  Since I no longer live at home it’s… Read more »

Little Denim Dress

       Denim Dress {LOFT} {Zappos} {Gap} {Topshop} Handbag {Kate Spade} Sunglasses {Max Mara} Belt {Nordstrom} Sandals Aerin I have the biggest sweet tooth in the whole word. I also have a really strong bond with coffee! What’s better than combining the two during a morning stroll?  Grabbing a snack and walking around downtown on a beautiful day couldn’t be more… Read more »

Pink and Camo

       Pants {Nordstrom} Jacket {LOFT} Jewelry {J.crew} Sunglasses {LOFT} Shoes {Nine West} The first thing I think of when I hear the word camo is hunting, dirty, and …. anything but feminine. When I first purchased camo pants I wore combat boots with them and a cream sweatshirt to play up the grunge look.  I still… Read more »


       Jumpsuit {LOFT} Shoes {Aldo} Watch {Michael kors}  Clutch {similar} Rings {Francesca’s} I love jumpsuits!! I think having a great black jumpsuit is almost as important as having a great LBD. The only difference is you can never have too many LBD’s, but you only need one fabulous black jumpsuit.  Just one, or maybe two, different styles and you will always… Read more »

Top five beauty picks

     My makeup bag is filled with many items, but these five l can’t live without. NARS has become of my favorite brands to use. I started out with their blush, but have grown to love their other products like the concealer as well. When I start to run low on my concealer I leave my… Read more »

Mother’s Day

          I am so happy that I was able to get home for Mother’s Day this year to spend time with my mom. She is the one who has given me the courage and motivation to do this blog. Without the support she has given me I would still be  scared to have a… Read more »

Pink Lipstick

        I danced when I was younger and I always had to wear bright red lipstick for performances. Everytime I tried to put color on my lips I couldn’t help but think I was going on stage. The only thing I would ever wear would be a nude gloss. One day I just decided to go… Read more »

ABC’s of the Home 

     Not only is it time for spring and summer clothes, but it’s also time to give the apartment a summer makeover too! The ABC’s are a quick easy way to update your home. They stand for accents, books, and candles. You don’t need to change the entire design of your apartment; just a few… Read more »

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