Pink Lipstick



I danced when I was younger and I always had to wear bright red lipstick for performances. Everytime I tried to put color on my lips I couldn’t help but think I was going on stage. The only thing I would ever wear would be a nude gloss.

One day I just decided to go for it! I went into Sephora and asked someone for help because I was trying something new and didn’t want to leave with something that didn’t do anything for me. She showed me a few different brands, but I ended up loving a line called bite. It goes on smoothly  and the color lasts all day.

I love adding the pink color with today’s outfit, making it a little more fun. I thought the pink lipstick and the metallic pumps would help dress up my comfy bright colored sweatshirt.

Trying something new is scary even if it’s as small as putting on bright lipstick, but trying new things is what breaks you out of your style bubble to help you find something great.

Xx Becky

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xx Becky

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