Tulle Full of Fun


Tulle Skirt {Anthropologie} Top {similar} Shoes {Nordstorm} Necklace {francesca’s} bracelets {francesca’s} Sunglasses {Rayban} Purse {Kate Spade}

I love weekends, but I’m always left wanting more!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Spending time with old friends was so much fun. Another road trip  this weekend, down to the shore in New Jersey. The trip home was exhausting, it took 10 hours when normally it is 7.5. Traffic was rough, but Katie made mix CD’s for everyone who attended her bachelorette weekend. It was a lifesaver having new and unexpected music to listen too.

It’s hard to go back to reality after a weekend  of yummy food, cocktails and  lots of girl talk while sunning on the beach. To give myself a pick-me-up on this Wednesday I reached for a tulle skirt that I love. I was a ballet dancer years ago, and I always loved the beautiful costumes.  Tulle skirts are a way for me to bring ballet into my everyday life. I love this long one because it is so full; also love the light pink color because I feel so girly in it. These shoes are one of my new favorites- they make me so tall and I can wear them all day. I saw them on Katey McFarlan’s blog and love the way she styled them. Just to keep the look from being too sweet and costume- like I chose sheer black watch plaid as a topper. Hope everyone is having a good hump day!

Xx Becky

xx Becky

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