Skin Care Routine

Left to right Jurlique, ole henriksen moisturizer, ole henriksen cleanser, glamglow

So I will be honest, I am young enough that I haven’t thought much about my skin or skincare routine in the past. I am lucky that I have good genes, but this year I realized that I really need to start taking care of my skin instead of abusing it.

1- The first product that makes my routine easier is the Ole Henriksen cleanser. It is amazing and I use it every night; it cleanses and is a make-up remover. It makes the process much easier when you can combine two different steps!

2 – The Glamglow cleanser I use three or more times a week, whenever there is extra time at night. It is a mud to foam cleanser. I like the feel of this cleanser, it leaves my face feeling super clean.

3 – I use Ole Henriksen moisturizer every night. I have been using this brand for the summer. I don’t want a heavy lotion at this time of year, but this is lightweight and feels good.

4 – The last product might sound strange, Jurlique skin oil. Yes I know, why would you ever put oil on your face? But surprisingly it does so much more for your skin! It helps with uneven texture, elasticity, and it rebalances natural oil production. I feel it gives my complexion a healthy glow.

I am still new to a structured skin care routine, but so far I have loved the results. Taking better care of my face has made a difference! What are some skin care products you love? Any suggestions for something to try?

Hope your’re enjoying your weekend!


Xx Becky

xx Becky

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