Road Trip


First road trip with my girl friends. We are headed from New England all the way down to Kentucky for the derby! We have 15 hours to go and we can’t wait! 

Over the years of long car trips I have learned a few things. First is to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and off. You might take them off while in the car, but then when you stop you want to be able to jump out quick.

Second is to wear layers. You never know how other people are going to feel in the car. The sun could be streaming in the car one point and then gone the next. I like to wear a light weight sweater and layer it with a cardigan or jacket. But comfort it key in all aspects. 

The third is good music and some reading material. Grab a few current magazines that someone can be reading the 10 key warm weather looks or how to find your perfect summer dress. 

I have found a list of good road trip tunes that include some oldies like

“west coast” by coconut records      “dreaming” by blondie                                   “start me up” by Rolling Stones                      “day tripper” by the Beatles                       “roam” by the b-52’s  

Xx Becky 

xx Becky

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