Pool vs. Beach

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Last week I drove to Pennsylvania to visit my best friend for a few days. We hadn’t seen each other in over a year because she is attending school in Ireland (I am hoping to visit her there in 2016!) We caught up on everything that has been going on while enjoying some sun by her pool.

I realized when we were at the pool that it had been years since I have been swimming in a pool. I have stayed at hotels where there was a pool, but never seemed to have the time to go down and enjoy it. The last time I was in a pool, might have been in high school! It made more sense once I thought about it; living in New England you’re close to the ocean and we have lots of lakes in the region as well. Currently the beach is a quick 5 minute drive from my home. I haven’t always lived that close to the ocean, but close enough for an easy day trip. I never considered how lucky I have been. 

Lounging by the pool was a nice change of pace. I forgot how relaxing it is to lie on a pool float and drift around. You don’t have the chance to do a lot of floating in the ocean! I also able to enjoy swimming without having to worry about getting caught in a ripe tide. (My grandfather was worried about that when we visited him in FL)

Although it was fun to be at a pool, the beach is home. So keep a lookout because I will be doing a beach essentials post in the near future! 

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend and the sun! 

Xx Becky 






xx Becky

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