Maxi Season

 Maxi season is finally upon us up here in Maine. After a long road trip I wanted something simple and comfy to get back into my routine. I picked out this maxi and then paired it with a chambray to go over top. It might be getting warm, but there is still a cool breeze in the air. Layering the chambray on top helps to not be so cold, but not be overwhelmingly hot either. I tied the shirt into a knot in the center to define my waist. I was wearing a pair of gladiator flats,mostly for comfort, but I could switch those out for a pair of wedges to make the outfit a bit dressier.

My go to hairstyle, when so much has been going on, is a sock bun. And yesss, I do use a real sock. I found how to do it a few years ago on Pinterest. I put my hair up in this style way more often than I would like to admit. I think it creates and completes a simple chic look.

I love having a simple outfit, but then adding on accessories. I layered two necklaces that were more graphic to complement the maxi. I love stacking bracelets. Sometimes I have them stacked on both wrists, but today I made it a little more simple. I added the pops of pink, as well as a mix of gold and silver. I also loved the new addition to my wrist, the Kate Spade white bow. It was a gift from my friend with a note attached asking if I would help her tie the knot! Of course, I couldn’t be more honored and happy to be a part of her special day!


Xx Becky

xx Becky

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