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Until a few years ago I never wore lipstick because I didn’t think it looked good on me. Now I carry at least 5 different shades in my purse at all times; you never know when you might need to add a little lip color! I think I didn’t like lipstick for the longest time because I would associate lipstick with performing. I was a ballet dancer for 14 years so the only time I would wear lipstick was on stage during performances.
That has all changed. As I said I carry multiple lip shades because I cannot always make up my mind and I like to have options. I have a difficult time leaving Sephora without a new lipstick in my bag. It’s hard to go to Sephora and only come out with what you need, but lipstick is the easy add on of make-up.

My favorite brand of lipstick is Bite Beauty. It’s a line of products solely for lips.  Even though it might sound crazy, my first purchase was a bright red color. (Might as well go all out). I tried neutral pink shades that gave a little color and I didn’t like them so I thought I would try the classic statement color. From then I was hooked!

Now I try everything! Some of my other favorite brands are: Bobbie Brown- which is more of a matte finish, and YLS- which is a glossy finish. It’s best to test lip color in the store because you will instantly know that certain colors do not work. I made that mistake once when I purchased a lipstick because the color looked so pretty in the store, but I put it on at home and it didn’t work at all! Sephora is such a wonderful company that way; if you try a product at home and after a few weeks you still don’t like it they will let you return it.

My favorite go-to shades are the ones I linked today. Hope this helps you to try a new shade or brand! What are you favorite lipstick brands?

Xx Becky


xx Becky

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