Blanket Scarf

Jacket {similar} Sweater {LOFT} Skirt {LOFT} Scarf {Ann Taylor} Shoes {Nordstrom} Clutch {Clare V.} Lipstick {YSL-#7}

The weather is starting to change and that means time to bundle up. Blanket scarfs are everywhere this season and I couldn’t be more excited about them. I love scarfs for fall and winter… especially winter. I like having that additional warmth. This was my first blanket scarf and when I put it on I was a little overwhelmed by it and the amount of fabric. I wasn’t certain it was the right look for me because I am short and the scarf makes a big statement! My belief with accessories is if you feel confident and believe it you can totally rock anything you want! This scarf is large, but I embraced how large it was and loved being wrapped in it!

I like this scarf because it IS something different than your normal statement necklace. In New England we have very cold winters; having something covering your neck is a practical idea. I trade in my statement necklaces for scarfs in the winter. It’s an easy way to mix things up and another way to start pattern mixing.

There are several different ways to wear a blanket scarf. I like this one for a date night option, because it is so big you could wear it as a shawl. Another blogger, Emily Gemma, shows 10 ways to wear a blanket scarf in a post which was helpful to see some additional options!

Hope you have a great weekend! Go Pats!

Xx Becky

xx Becky

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