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Bachelorette parties have recently become a tradition as well as a new excuse for your girlfriends to gather together for a weekend full of fun and laughs. Getting a group of 12 or more ladies together for a weekend away is harder than it sounds because of coordinating everyone’s schedules. The end result is worth it! Each bachelorette party is tailored to the bride-to-be. It’s about where she will have the most fun and doing the activities that she will enjoy.  Planning a weekend away can be difficult when you don’t know anything about the city you are visiting. Luckily this weekend the party was in my town of Portland, which helped in the planning process for activities, restaurants, and bars. Not everyone can be so lucky, other bloggers have written about a site: The Bach. It is a site that can help customize an itinerary for you and this will definitely be VERY helpful for some upcoming bachelorette parties.

We live in New England and we chose to stay in Maine. This group of friends likes to cook and we decided to rent a house from Airbnb. Airbnb is a great alternative to getting multiple hotel rooms for the weekend. It was perfect for our group because as everyone arrived we cooked dinner. The house included a grill so we made a summertime meal that included burgers. There was space for 12 people with some extra room which was helpful when we were getting ready.

The weekend was a success! We planned fun games that included a scavenger hunt, and a quiz game for the bride. We visited some great local restaurants: Zapoteca, Novare, and Hot Suppa. At the end of the weekend Briana gave a final gift to our bride-to-be Kristin and our group. It was a basket filled with essentials to help get through the bachelorette and wedding weekends. It is a gift to the group because once Kristin is finished with the basket she will restock it and pass it to the next bride-to-be in our group of friends. Briana said it was our version of the traveling pants.

Hope this helps with future planning for any of your upcoming bachelorette parties!

Xx Becky




xx Becky

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