Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


It might be a little early to think about Valentine’s Day, but with our busy lives things sneak up on us. If you plan now, there won’t be any stress at the last minute. I was never a fan of Valentine’s Day; I didn’t really see the point. That changed for me 2 years ago on Valentine’s Day when Steve and I had our first date. Now the day will always have a special place in my heart.

Early planning doesn’t always work out… Last year there was a huge snow storm and we changed our plans twice. Additionally I had to work a double shift and didn’t finish until 10pm. Even though our plans were “ruined” they really weren’t, because we spent time together.

I still don’t believe the holiday has to involve a huge fuss, but I enjoy celebrating and appreciating the ones we love. Valentine’s Day is not just about our significant others, but about all the people we love in our lives. Here are some small gift ideas that could be for friends, family, significant others, or a little something for yourself.  Sometimes you need a little treat too!


xx Becky

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