If you build it …they will come

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One of my favorite classic movies is Field of Dreams. If you haven’t seen this 1889 movie, put it on your list. It is a great mix of sports, drama, and inspiration. You might be wondering why I am talking to you about an old movie, but the movie was filmed in Iowa. The field is only a half an hour from where we were staying so we took the opportunity to visit the location. I mean how often can you go see where they filmed one of you favorite movies?

While I’m on the subject of favorites, one of my favorite clothing items for the change of seasons is my flannel. As the weather starts getting cooler I use it as a light layer. Once it becomes cold it will remain a cozy piece in my wardrobe to rely on.

The most famous quote from the movie is “If you build it, they will come.” As I mentioned in a recent post, there are some changes happening in my life so I have been reading some inspirational books about work/career {Girlboss and Leave your mark} It seems to me that the quote from the movie also applies to everyday life: If you work hard and want to grow/learn, you can achieve it.

Dream big!

Xx Becky


xx Becky

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