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Black Friday!!!

I am sure many of you have already been out shopping and taking advantage of all the great early deals! Here are some ideas to help with the remainder of your shopping or if you haven’t started… some ideas to get you going!


I love a good cozy sweater for the holiday and winter season! It can be difficult to buy clothes for other people, but sweaters are a great choice. The fit is more forgiving than shirts and pants and sweaters are supposed to be roomy and cozy. Also how can you have too many sweaters?


Anytime I leave the house in the winter, I am wearing a scarf! Not everyone wears scarves so this is more for people like my mom; she has 100 and always says “I’m not buying another.” She doesn’t NEED another, but if it’s a fashion scarf that has some fun pattern on it and it will work with items that she already has in her closet she can never resist! There are so many different types of scarves for the holidays. You could get a cozy knit infinity or a long one that you can wrap around multiple times, or maybe something in faux fur.


If that someone on your list doesn’t like scarves, jewelry is a good option. Often jewelry is the last thing we would buy for ourselves so it is a wonderful gift choice. Costume jewelry has become so fashionable that the option of jewelry doesn’t have to mean $$$. Tip: think about the type of jewelry she wears- don’t buy a giant statement necklace for a woman who only wears a small earring. Adding a little sparkle around the holiday season is always nice!

Home items

Little knickknacks to brighten someone’s apartment or home are always thoughtful. My mom, aunt, and I have a tradition on Christmas Eve; we exchange a gift which is always a Christmas ornament. This season I don’t have a big tree at my place, but I still love adding them to my small tree. When you take them out each year, you can’t help but think of the gift giver. Scented candles, mugs, coasters, picture frames are all great gift items. Flowering plants, like the amaryllis which bloom during the holidays are a nice idea for the hard-to-buy-for person on your list.

Food Items

The malls are full of cheeses and summer sausage at this time of the year, but think outside the box. My grandfather loves lobster in New England, but at 95 traveling from Florida is no longer an option so we send lobster rolls to him from Do you have a foodie on your list? Lots of yummy choices from ice cream to steaks!

xx Becky

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