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Left to right {triple sec} {Glam Glow} {Living Proof} {Bumble and bumble} {Face Wipes} {Caudalie}

When I think of traveling I think of going by air or by land. There is a lot more to worry about when flying, especially when bringing a carry-on. Instead of just tossing my beauty products in my bag they need to be in a clear bag and under 3.4oz. My little bag was free when buying three travel sized items at sephora! I sometimes find it easier to buy the travel size of products I use.  Next time when I travel, either by air or ground, I am prepared. It also saves room for more clothes and shoes 🙂

I have two favorite hair care brands: living proof and drybar. I use living proof for hair treatment and drybar for styling. Drybar’s triple sec is my go to hair product, it helps give volume and refreshes your hair to look like you just styled your hair!

Xx Becky

xx Becky

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